Monday, 31 May 2010


On Sunday I managed to convince my parents to go on a little road trip to Canterbury. Of course Gus came along!

Caterbury is in Kent, which is over the river from Essex. So to get there we had to go over the QEII bridge. Here is Gus on the bridge.

When we got there we parked near a lovely little river that flowed along the side of some old buildings. There were ducks on the river; Gus liked them! We were too slow to get a picture with them though, so this one had to do.

First we went to the High Street. There are loads of old buildings on the high street aswell as some great shops. There we did some shopping for stuff that Gus can take back to Becky in Austrailia.

Also on the High Street was an old fashioned telephone box. Gus tried to phone home but couldn't remember the number...

We continued along the High Street, moving towards the cathedral. We passed a little bridge over the river where tour guides were selling boat tours. We stopped there for a while and saw a witches ducking chair over the water. These chairs were used in Medieval times to prove whether or not someone was a witch. If you drowned you wasn't a witch, but if you survived you were and you were burnt. So either way you can't win!

We walked round to the cathedral entrance. We couldn't get a proper view of it because for that you had to go into the actual grounds, and it was packed with tourists :( Gus was dissapointed but understood.

We made our way back to the car, and back home to Basildon. On the way home we stopped off at a motorway service station that went over the road. In there we had a drink and watched the England Vs Japan football game that was live on the telly. Gus wasn't interested in watching England play, so took the oppertunity to have a good look over the motorway.

We had a great day out in Canterbury. Gus picked out some nice stuff to send back to Becky in August, he has very good taste in gifts!


  1. I'm so jealous of Gus' adventure. Visiting a castle would be so much fun! We don't have any of those in Australia.

    Thanks for sharing the stories about the towns, witches etc. They are so interesting. I'm getting so excited. His scrapbook is going to be so awesome to look at.

    I'll have to start planning some awesome trips for Gladys. We're going out of state to Melbourne in two weeks (for the Queen's bday weekend).

  2. I hope you have a fab time!! I wish I could have gone in Gladys' place, I've always wanted to go to Australia!
    You celebrate the Queens birthday over there? We don't even do that here!! :D

  3. What an action packed day! Sounds like Gus is on quite the adventure! I love the picture of him in the telephone box!