Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Today Gus accompanied my Mum and me to our local dentist, for our twice yearly check-up.

When we went in we booked in, and went to wait in the waiting room. There were toys in there, but Gus wasn't interested in them. He was having a laugh at the pictures on the wall of awful British teeth!

When I went in for my appointment he waited nice and quietly whilst I talked to the dentist and nurse about me wanting to become a trainee Dental Nurse. Gus thought it was strange that I should want to become one as I'm slightly scared of dentists!

I introduced Gus to the dentist and explained about the swap process, and she kindly let Gus sit in the chair. He was a little scared of it and the bright over head light, but I promised he wouldn't be harmed...

We came home afterwards and as a treat watched some of my Supernatural Boxset that arrived today. He said he didn't like it as much as Red Dwarf, but it was good anyways :D

A scary, if not fun day!

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