Saturday, 12 June 2010


Today Gus came along with my Mum and I to Southend-On-Sea, which is about 20min train journey away.

When we arrived in Southend we went straight to the High Street to look at the shops. It was very busy - Gus didn't like it much but I convinced him to have his picture taken in the middle of the street lol!

While on the High Street we popped into McDonalds for our lunch. Gus wasn't hungry so just had a coke, and he wasn't impressed with me for having McChicken nuggets...

We walked out to the sea front, where you get a great view of the longest pier in the world. I'm saving that picture for his scrapbook! While we were there I got this short video of Gus over looking Adventure Island and the sea...

We crossed the road and decided to go into Adventure Island, the busy seaside amusement park. There was a sign as you went in saying no dogs; we wondered if it would be ok for a turkey to go in...

Whilst there we didn't go on any of the rides as it was quite busy, but we had a good look round and took lots of photos. Here's one of Gus with a green train...

Today is the England Vs USA World Cup game, so the whole place is decked out in St Georges flags. I insisted that Gus have his picture taken with something, but he wasn't a happy turkey, as you can see by his face...

After that we walked along the sea front a bit and passed Chinnerys, which is a popular music venue where lots of famous bands have played over the years. My brother and his band have played there a few times too.

Then it was on to the arcades! Lots of photos! Here are just a few... The rest will be in his scrapbook :)

Just enough time to pop into a tacky gift shop to buy some tacky gifts for Becky. You've got to love Southend Tack!

We got back to the train and went home. It was a fun day out! Tonight we'll be watching the football, though I don't expect Gus to be cheering us on...


  1. Hey, drive on the right side on the road! :b

  2. I love the photos of Gus at the arcade! But I think the one with the sign is my favourite.

    And the video is hilarious. Watching Gus look over everything~!! :D

    I'm finally updating Gladys blog now. Sorry i've been a little slack!

  3. I'm enjoying the pics of Gus's trip!

  4. Thank you all! :D

    Becky - I'm glad you like them! I look forward to seeing Gladys' blog! :D