Monday, 21 June 2010

Green Day

On Saturday 19th June Gus, my brother and I travelled to Wembley Stadium in London for the big Green Day concert!

We arrived in Wembley at around 6pm and went to have a look at the merch. We wandered down Wembley Way where all the fans were gathered at merch stalls, food stalls and a Green Day bar, which featured a Green Day Guitar Hero contest! Gus wanted a go, but it was so busy :( We made our way round to our turnstile and entered the stadium.

Our seats were great - on the very tall upper tier. We had an uninterupted view of the stage, even though it was quite a way away! We watched the support acts which were Frank Turner, and Joan Jett And The Blackhearts!

We then made our way to get some chips and a drink. After all the excitement of Aerosmith we were determined to keep it cool at Green Day, which ment no alcoholic drinkies for Gus or me! So we had a coke each instead. Very wise...

Green Day came on at about 8pm - I did have a video of Gus at the show but Blogger doesn't want to upload it >:( I'll make a copy of it and send it home with him in August :)

Green Day were on for nearly 3 hours! It was a fantastic show, with pyrotechnics and lights and tic-a-tape. There was alot of crowd participation and messing about - it was one of the best shows I've been to, and I was glad Gus was there to enjoy it with us!

When we got out of the stadium at about 11:15pm we made our way round to the car park where my parents were waiting to take us home. We got a nice picture of Gus outside the lit-up stadium...

... we passed Wembley Arena...

... and lots of people selling un-official merch.

It was so busy on the roads that it took us 45 mins just to get out of the car park!! 2 hours later we were home; headache free! Yay!

We all had a great day! This week I am hoping to take Gus to Barleylands, which has a mini zoo and a craft village :)

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