Thursday, 24 June 2010


On Tuesday we took a little trip down the road to Barleylands, which is a craft village and mini farm.

We had a great afternoon looking at all the fab crafts for sale! There were loads of shops and workshops, including a shop that made figures and signs out of dough, a shop full of sweets (that was my fav...) and strangely there was a workshop that made jewellery out of people's ashes :S Not too sure I liked that one!

We had time for a drink and a packet of crisps, and also took a look at the wishing well, where Gus made a wish.

We were gonna go in the farm but they wanted £8 each lol! I know, we're tight...

Monday, 21 June 2010

Green Day

On Saturday 19th June Gus, my brother and I travelled to Wembley Stadium in London for the big Green Day concert!

We arrived in Wembley at around 6pm and went to have a look at the merch. We wandered down Wembley Way where all the fans were gathered at merch stalls, food stalls and a Green Day bar, which featured a Green Day Guitar Hero contest! Gus wanted a go, but it was so busy :( We made our way round to our turnstile and entered the stadium.

Our seats were great - on the very tall upper tier. We had an uninterupted view of the stage, even though it was quite a way away! We watched the support acts which were Frank Turner, and Joan Jett And The Blackhearts!

We then made our way to get some chips and a drink. After all the excitement of Aerosmith we were determined to keep it cool at Green Day, which ment no alcoholic drinkies for Gus or me! So we had a coke each instead. Very wise...

Green Day came on at about 8pm - I did have a video of Gus at the show but Blogger doesn't want to upload it >:( I'll make a copy of it and send it home with him in August :)

Green Day were on for nearly 3 hours! It was a fantastic show, with pyrotechnics and lights and tic-a-tape. There was alot of crowd participation and messing about - it was one of the best shows I've been to, and I was glad Gus was there to enjoy it with us!

When we got out of the stadium at about 11:15pm we made our way round to the car park where my parents were waiting to take us home. We got a nice picture of Gus outside the lit-up stadium...

... we passed Wembley Arena...

... and lots of people selling un-official merch.

It was so busy on the roads that it took us 45 mins just to get out of the car park!! 2 hours later we were home; headache free! Yay!

We all had a great day! This week I am hoping to take Gus to Barleylands, which has a mini zoo and a craft village :)

Thursday, 17 June 2010


On Tuesday Gus came along with my brother and I to see Aerosmith at The O2 Arena in London. I'd been looking forward to this show for ages, and was so glad Gus was here to enjoy it too! Here he is before we set out with the £100-a-piece tickets...

It only takes about 45 mins to get to Greenwich where The O2 is. All the trains were on time, which was weird. We arrived at about 4pm. When you enter the venue now you have to go through airport style security, so Gus stayed in my bag and went through the scanner lol.

Just inside The O2 is where Michael Jackson announced he was doing the 'This Is It' shows last year, before he died.

Also we found the area where the tv show 'Soccor AM' do some of their filming.

We had a few hours to kill, so we decided to go and check out The British Music Experience, which is an exibition at the venue. Unfortunatly they don't allow pictures in there, but I've saved a ticket stub for Gus to take home with him.

After that we went to the gift shop, where Gus picked out something to take back home to Becky.

We were lucky enough this time round to get an upgrade on our Aerosmith tickets, so we got access to a 'VIP' area before the show, which consisted of a lounge, bar and a casino area. They were serving all sorts of cocktails there, so we all had one. Gus had an 'Everlasting' one - I'm saving the picture of him getting drunk for his scrapbook!

We got in the special lift that takes you to the tier where your seats are in the arena, and found we had a fab view! Gus was very excited by this time, and rather drunk...

And here is a video of Gus rocking out during the show!

The show was on for about 2 hours, and finished at around 11:15pm. We worked our way out of the arena and round to where my parents were waiting to pick us up in the car. My brother, Gus and I all had rather nasty headaches when we left the arena, which was probably down to the drinkies. I told Gus I wasn't going to let him drink anything at Wembley on Saturday!

We got home at about 12am. It was a great night, and it's sad that it's over :( But it's Green Day on Saturday at Wembley Stadium, so we can do it all over again then! Yay!

Saturday, 12 June 2010


Today Gus came along with my Mum and I to Southend-On-Sea, which is about 20min train journey away.

When we arrived in Southend we went straight to the High Street to look at the shops. It was very busy - Gus didn't like it much but I convinced him to have his picture taken in the middle of the street lol!

While on the High Street we popped into McDonalds for our lunch. Gus wasn't hungry so just had a coke, and he wasn't impressed with me for having McChicken nuggets...

We walked out to the sea front, where you get a great view of the longest pier in the world. I'm saving that picture for his scrapbook! While we were there I got this short video of Gus over looking Adventure Island and the sea...

We crossed the road and decided to go into Adventure Island, the busy seaside amusement park. There was a sign as you went in saying no dogs; we wondered if it would be ok for a turkey to go in...

Whilst there we didn't go on any of the rides as it was quite busy, but we had a good look round and took lots of photos. Here's one of Gus with a green train...

Today is the England Vs USA World Cup game, so the whole place is decked out in St Georges flags. I insisted that Gus have his picture taken with something, but he wasn't a happy turkey, as you can see by his face...

After that we walked along the sea front a bit and passed Chinnerys, which is a popular music venue where lots of famous bands have played over the years. My brother and his band have played there a few times too.

Then it was on to the arcades! Lots of photos! Here are just a few... The rest will be in his scrapbook :)

Just enough time to pop into a tacky gift shop to buy some tacky gifts for Becky. You've got to love Southend Tack!

We got back to the train and went home. It was a fun day out! Tonight we'll be watching the football, though I don't expect Gus to be cheering us on...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Today Gus accompanied my Mum and me to our local dentist, for our twice yearly check-up.

When we went in we booked in, and went to wait in the waiting room. There were toys in there, but Gus wasn't interested in them. He was having a laugh at the pictures on the wall of awful British teeth!

When I went in for my appointment he waited nice and quietly whilst I talked to the dentist and nurse about me wanting to become a trainee Dental Nurse. Gus thought it was strange that I should want to become one as I'm slightly scared of dentists!

I introduced Gus to the dentist and explained about the swap process, and she kindly let Gus sit in the chair. He was a little scared of it and the bright over head light, but I promised he wouldn't be harmed...

We came home afterwards and as a treat watched some of my Supernatural Boxset that arrived today. He said he didn't like it as much as Red Dwarf, but it was good anyways :D

A scary, if not fun day!