Sunday, 5 September 2010

Gladys Is Baaack!

To my suprise - Gladys arrived back home to me on Friday! It took less than a week to get from Australia to England! Here are the fab goodies she brought with her...

Here's the amazing scrapbook and some of my favourite pages...

Some cute toys and origami!

Shot Glass from the zoo, 3D glasses, Guides Badge, Chop sticks and a really pretty cross stitch

Bookmark, Oz Slang book and leaflet


Beautiful Aboriginal art work

Also, not pictured, was a fab bag I was told was used as packaging, but I love it! I gave it to my Mum to carry her shopping in!

Once again, Thank you beckashell for all the great goodies and for looking after Gladys so well!! She won't stop talking about her adventures! :D

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