Sunday, 29 August 2010

Return To Oz

It was very emotional, but I said goodbye to Gus on Friday :( He is on his way back to Australia.

I've had such a great summer with him - we've been on tons of adventures and had lots of fun! I sent him back with lots of goodies for Becky and her family that I've been collecting for the past few months - the package cost a fortune to post!!

I'll let you know when Gus is back home safely - hopefully it won't take him too long :)

Take care, Gus!! -x-


  1. I have an international package waiting for me at the post office!! Fingers crossed that it's Gus, although that means it took less than a week to arrive.... speedy mail!!

    Sorry that you are now broke. If it's any comfort I am as well. International mail costs way too much!

    I'm sorry about the state Gladys is in. She has been living in my handbag for 3 months - so she's a little worse for wear. I was scared to wash her - I don't know what happens to Monsties when they get wet!! I was scared that I might have a Gremlin-like situation on my hands. :)

    I can't wait to see Gus. I hope that Gladys arrives quickly. And I hope the package is okay. The bags and boxes at my post office were all weird sizes and the things kept flying around in them. I bought a PO shopping bag to shove in the top - hopefully that stops it all from moving around too much!


  2. Aawww Thanks Becky!! You're right - international postage is a joke!

    Wow, that was quick if it's Gus! Whether it is or not I hope he arrives safely to you :D

    I'm really looking forward to Gladys arriving back!! I don't mind that she's a little mucky, it proves she's had a fun time! :D