Wednesday, 4 August 2010

London Part 2

On Monday Gus came along on our second London trip :)

We visited Embankment again because we were out of Wasabi Peas - Gus' favourite new snack! We also visited Big Ben, The London Eye, Houses Of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and took a LONG walk along the South Bank of the Thames. This picture was taken from Blackfriars Bridge...

Along the South Bank, by the London Eye (where it was PACKED with tourists) are people dressed up in various costumes and doing tricks and stuff. Look who we found!

Yay! I introduced him to Gus and they got along well! The man held him for a while and said he was 'good quality - not from Ikea' lol! Gus took it as a compliment!

We had trouble finding a station after our walk! But while wandering round looking for one we came across this cool statue...

I have quite afew pictures from our day, but like always I'm saving them for the scrapbook :)


  1. Not from Ikea! :D

    I love that you went to London for wasabi peas. That's hilarious. I can't wait to see the photos of the Eye and Buckingham Palace!!

  2. Yeah, love the wasabi peas lol! :D It was Gus' idea - he can't get enough of them! :D