Monday, 26 July 2010

Langdon Hills

On Wednesday we took the short drive to our local country park, Langdon Hills. Here is Gus at the entrance to the Westley Heights area.

It is a huuuuge park and wildlife reserve down the road from us, with acres and acres of fields, woods and hills.

Gus took in the countryside views, and spotted this lone house in the middle of Westley Heights. Must be so peaceful to live there.

We walked around for a bit and found a bench made out of concrete and tree trunks, with this written into it:

Here's Gus relaxing on a gate lol!

Then it was on to the One Tree Hill area, which is about 5 more minutes away. Seriously, Langdon Hills is massive!

My Dad helped Gus climb on top of these wooden mushrooms! Trust Gus to want to sit on the tallest one there! :D

Dotted around Langdon Hills are these wooden sculptures made out of old tree trunks. Here's a few of them...

... and a toilet used as a flower pot!

We climbed up the steps to the top of a hill, where there are some fab views. We found the place also where there used to be a sun dial, but it's gone for some reason :S Probably stolen...

As it was a nice day, we decided to drive back to Westley Heights to have a drink at The Crown - a local pub that's been there since before I can remember. Gus had a coke and shared some peanuts with my parents. I hate peanuts.

I was determined to see some cows. And my Mum wanted to see rabbits - so we had a little wander into Westley Heights again. We found some cows!

But that wasn't all we found :( Just seconds after this picture was taken we were attacked by a load of angry wasps! They just came out of nowhere! We all got stung, except Gus who I defended to the last! My Mum's sting got so bad she's had to go on anti-biotics :( I kind of wish we hadn't gone looking for them cows...

Apart from that, it was a nice evening. Gus said this was what he thought England would be like - all countryside and rolling hills. I'm glad he wasn't dissapointed! Or stung!


  1. Ooooh, i'm sorry about the wasps!! I've never been stung by a wasp/bee before and so i'm terrified of them. Thanks for protecting Gus :)

    I just adore that your park it called a "country park". Everything in England is just so much cuter than our stuff! I love all the things you saw! The wooden mushroom and sculptures, the one tree hill sign (my sister will LOVE that - she loves the TV series), but I like the gate photo best. Gus looks like he belongs in an Enid Blyton book!!! LOL

  2. Haha he does, doesn't he! :D I thought it would make him look all country-fied!

    Yeah I'm not too sure why it's called a country park lol! I got a map from there that I'm sending back with Gus :D