Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Town Centre and St. Martin's Church

On Friday we went on the weekly shopping trip to Basildon Town Centre.

First we stopped off in Card Factory to get a birthday card. Gus made friends with some of the bears...

Then we went to Wilkinsons, where he helped me pick out some fab yarn for my crocheting. He liked the blue :)

We walked back up the mall towards Asda, where we found this massive World Cup statue in Eastgate!

We then got to Asda to do the usual boring food shopping and stuff.

Whilst in town aswell I stopped off at St. Martins Church. It's our local church, everyone in my family has been married and christened there and I thought it would be a nice place to show Gus.

It also has the worlds one and only steel and glass bell tower - saving that pic for the book!

Although it was only a shopping trip we had a nice time. Gus helped us unpack everything when we got home too - he's very helpful!


  1. Secret photos?!!! I wanna seeeeee! :P

    I LOVE the photos of Gus sitting all over the shop.
    I took Gladys to the supermarket last week - i'll have to search for the photos.

  2. Haha I'm saving them for the book!! ;P
    I've got tons of pictures of Gus in the shops! This scrapbook is going to be MASSIVE!